Replacing the Hall Effect Switch.

A failed Hall Effect Switch in the 'Bean Can' igntiton sensor on a post '84 BMW boxer can be an expensive repair. Read how to replace the Hall Effect switch in the sensor for a fraction of the cost.

Building an Ignition Sensor Tester

This article describes how to build and use an ignition sensor testing tool for use with the sensor fitted to post 1980 'airhead' bikes.

Boxer Earthing Project

The Earthing on BMW Airheads leaves something to be desired. This project seeks to eliminate many of the sources of power loss in the system.

Rekeying and refurbishing Pannier Latches

The 'flat' pannier latches fitted to the early BMW touring panniers cannot be sourced by key number to match existing latches. This means that, if a latch fails, unless you're very lucky you are forced to replace it with one using a different key. Potentially, that could mean having three different keys for each pannier. This article explains how to re-key the locks to use an existing key and return to sanity...