The Dreaded Snowflake Wheel Recall

In 1977, BMW introduced the 'Snowflake' cast wheel. In 1983, following reports of cracking affecting 19" front wheels, BMW issued a general recall of all machines with these wheels for replacement. Inevitably some such wheels escaped the recall. If you think you might own one (or if you just want to know more) read on.

Testing the BMW Airhead Diode Board

The diode board fitted as standard to BMW Airheads is pretty reliable but it can be damaged by carelesness or vibration. This article discusses how to establish if a diode board is working properly and, if not, which of the eleven diodes on the board is at fault.

Oil Filter Changing

By popular request... A page detailing all you need to know when changing the oil filter on your Airhead.

On the Subject of Relays

A page about relays describing them, how they work, why they are used and how to recognise them.

Instrument Supports

On most airheads, the the instruments are supported by a pressed steel bracket... but it's not as simple as that. There are four different brackets. Find out how to tell them apart.